What’s new in CanProVar 2.0
CanProVar 2.0 was updated with much more protein mutations in human cancer proteome. Also It give users more choices for data query and valuable annotation information for further study.

Data collection

Currently CanProVar contains 156,671 cancer-related variation , 967,017 non-cancer related variation, 9,909 cancer related differentially expressed protein, 26 cancers and 99,701 ppi.

More advanced search function, which include searching by protein IDs or gene name, cancer type, several proteins in different cancer type, chromsome location and KEGG pathway, makes your query easier and more mutiple.

Standardization of Cancer name/type

There are 26 cancer name in CanProVar 2.0 which also includes 'Neoplasms by Histologic Type' and 'Other Cancer'. This name were provided by NCBI Mesh. Name was classified into 'Neoplasms by Histologic Type' if it was named by histologic type. The unknown cancer name was classified into 'Other Cancer'.

It makes your cancer type query easier.

PPI network

PPI information was collected from BioGrid, DIP, HPRD, MINT, IntAct.

The new network function provides you to find the association of cancer-related variation proteins and DEPs with your query proteins.

Data query

Protein sequence mutation number in several cancer types can be showed in the "Protein list".

Mutation information in certain chromosome location or certain kegg pathway can be queried by "Chromosome location" and "Pathway" respectively.

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