About CanProVar 2.0

CanProVar 2.0 has much more protein sequence mutation data and owns five query functions which with a user-friendly interface. It also designed to store and display single amino acid alterations including both germline and somatic variations in the human proteome, especially those related to the genesis or development of human cancer based on the published literatures. Information of differential expression protein in human cancer is integrated into CanProVar 2.0.
Users can query cancer-related variations and conresponding annotations through the web-interface using Protein IDs or gene name searching and query the mutation number on one protein sequence for certain cancer type using cancer type searching. You can also type several proteins to observe the mutation number in different cancer type. Chromsome location seraching and KEGG pathway searching are new functions. We except the new version will benifit researchers.Please find the more details here.

Updates and statistics

10/1/2009 More than 1000 somatic mutations were revealed in lung cancer samples by Ding et al (2008), of which 665 found new protein variations were added into CanProVar.
7/20/2012 65,963 distinct human cancer protein variaions were collected and integrated from COSMIC, HPI, OMIM, TCGA, BioMart, Greenman2007 and Sjoblom2006, also 825,106 coding SNPs from dbSNP.

Usage statistics since Nov 15, 2012

The local usage count is 144 and the last date of local usage: 05/25/22
The remote usage count is 2455 and the last date of remote usage: 07/12/24
The data download count is 917 and the last date of data download: 07/12/24

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